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Functional Medicine Foundations 

4 Month Program

Functional Medicine Foundations Course (Six Modules):

  • Start your wellness journey right away by building a strong foundation in Functional Medicine principles.

Initial Lab Panel:

  • Benefit from an extensive blood panel, stool test and urinary organic acids test for a comprehensive health assessment.

Personalized 1:1 Appointments:

   Eleven one-on-one sessions tailored to your unique health goals, including:

  • Six health coaching sessions to guide and support your wellness journey.

  • One specialized brain retraining session for holistic well-being.

  • In-depth initial assessment with physician to hear your health journey and connect the dots

  • Detailed review of lab results with physician to identify key imbalances

  • Autonomic Response Testing session with physician to find hidden triggers and personalize treatment plan (special in office session)

  • Follow-up with physician to support implementation for best results

Online Learning Center:

  • Access a wealth of knowledge with 60+ recorded webinars covering a diverse range of health topics.

Monthly Live Educational Webinars:

  • Fuel your curiosity and deepen your understanding of health and wellness through our informative monthly live webinars, covering diverse topics and practical tips.

Community Q&A Sessions:

  • Join our twice monthly live Group Sessions, where we celebrate our successes, support each other in our next steps, discuss health questions and learn together.

Continuous Support:

  • Enjoy ongoing support and guidance from our team between appointments with access to our patient portal messaging feature.

Pay in full: $6,200

Payment Plan: $3,000 down with 3 monthly payments of $1,200 ($6,600)

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