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More Zinc Linked to Fewer Migraines

Do you get migraines? Then this post is for you.

📄 Research just published in the journal Headache found that people who get more zinc in their diet have almost one-third lower risk of migraines than those who get little zinc.

The study involved more than 11,000 US adults, 20% of whom experienced migraines or severe headaches.

➡️ Surveys showed that those consuming the most zinc (from foods or supplements) had the fewest migraines.

This is not the first nutrient to be studied in the context of migraines. Other nutrients may also play a role, like:

🔹 Magnesium

🔹 Calcium

🔹 Vitamin D

🔹 Vitamin B1

🔹 Vitamin B12

🔹 Folic acid

🔹 Coenzyme Q10

The real takeaway here?

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