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Can sleep make it easier to lose weight?

📣 New Research 📣

People who reported getting regular and uninterrupted sleep did a better job sticking to their diet and exercise goals during a 12-month weight loss study.

This was based on a study of 125 mostly white and female adults around the age of 50.

It was reported at a recent conference of The American Heart Association ❤️

Why does this matter?

We already know that sleep influences:

✅ Metabolism

✅ Blood Sugar

✅ Hunger

✅ Food Cravings

But this study shows that good sleep makes it easier to make healthy choices and engage in BEHAVIORS that help with weight loss.

This is such a great reminder of why diets are never enough for sustainable weight loss! We have to look at the entire picture of a person’s life—from their metabolism to hormones to stress levels to sleep.

It’s what we do in functional medicine best.

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