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Embracing Heart Health: A Holistic Approach Beyond Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

As February unfolds, marking Heart Health Month, I want to provide you with a glimpse into a comprehensive approach to cardiovascular well-being – an approach that extends beyond the conventional focus on blood pressure and cholesterol management..

Here are some things I consider when it comes to heart health:

1️⃣ Functional Medicine Testing can identify risk factors that are overlooked by routine screenings (things like a more specific breakdown of cholesterol, markers of inflammation, and levels of omega-3 fatty acids). 

2️⃣ Stress is a massive contributor to high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. We have a toolbox full of strategies to help your body better manage stress for heart health.

3️⃣ Poor metabolic health and elevated blood sugar can lead to cardiovascular disease if they are not recognized and managed early. We take prevention seriously. 

4️⃣ Nutrition & supplements can be used proactively to support heart health before any medications or interventions are needed. 

Whether driven by concerns rooted in family history or personal experiences, if heart health is on your mind, we are here to offer support and guidance. Let's embark on a holistic journey toward a healthier heart together. 

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