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Brain Retraining is key for rebooting your brain and transforming your health.

“I’m feeling healthier and more energized. I'm feeling happier as well. I'm really going strong.

I’m really happy about it.” 


Our comprehensive Functional Medicine program is unique in our incorporation of Brain Retraining because it helps you achieve lasting results more quickly. We believe this is a critical key to transforming health. 

How Does Brain Retraining Work?

There are three key systems to help you to feel better faster:


Learn how to calm down the physical stress response in the body using a variety of mind-body tools.



Learn how to override undesirable thought patterns that keep patients stuck in an endless loop of reactivity that disrupts the body’s natural healing.


Prune out the undesirable thoughts and reactions and replace them with new connections creates better health outcomes.


Learn mindful self-compassion towards the emotional self by understanding the cycles of the healing journey.

Meet Michelle Karaman 

Brain Retraining Specialist

It is my mission to educate, inspire and support you in restoring your vitality and purpose. I believe that revolutionizing how healing occurs is the future of medicine. We have the power to change our minds to change our lives and change our future.

I have been where you are. I was chronically ill, anxious and unhappy for more than 20 years. I know the pain and frustration of doing everything you can to get better … and still feeling miserable. I know the pain of faking normal. I know how hard it is. And I am here to tell you there is hope. I know that you are so much more than your chronic symptoms. I know that you can get unstuck and begin to bloom in your life. Let me show you how with my personalized Brain Retraining.



“Before Brain Retraining and working with Michelle, everything was confusing, overwhelming, 
and difficult for me to understand/process. 


I would get frustrated and quit or not even try something for fear of the anxiety it would cause me.


Now I want to do EVERYTHING!!”


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