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Do you know your cortisol pattern?

Did you know the stress hormone cortisol follows a 24-hour rhythm?

The pattern helps you feel alert in the morning and calm at night, like this:

☀️Cortisol peaks within 30 minutes of waking to kickstart the body for the day.

⛅ Levels decline throughout the afternoon and into the evening.

🌙 Cortisol is lowest at midnight to allow for restful sleep.

But if stress or lifestyle disrupt this natural rhythm…

⬆️ Cortisol can be persistently high, making you anxious or sleepless.

⬇️ Cortisol can be persistently low, making you fatigued and moody.

🔃 Cortisol can be flipped, making you feel tired in the morning and wired at night.

In our practice, we test cortisol levels. I think it’s worth paying attention to cortisol and doing everything we can to get it back to balance.

Do you agree?

The next post I will talk about how to support your cortisol rhythm and stop letting stress rule your health 🙌

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