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Exercise & Immune Health: Good or Bad?

Exercise & Immune Function: Helpful or Harmful?

Let’s set the record straight.

Consistent moderate exercise supports immune function by:

✅ Increasing circulation (so immune cells can work their surveillance system better)

✅ Increasing lymphatic flow (lymph will stay stagnant if you don’t move)

✅ Improving metabolic health (which translates to immune health)

✅ Lowering inflammation (creating a more balanced immune response)

✅ Decreasing stress (which can significantly affect immune function)

Lots of people get confused about this because athletes going through prolonged intense training are more susceptible to getting sick.

It all comes down to how much you exercise and how hard.

The science shows that exercising at a moderate to vigorous intensity for about 60 minutes per day gives the biggest immune benefits.

What’s your plan for getting moving?

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