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How fats affect your metabolism…

New Study 👇👇

If you feel like your metabolism is slowing, your weight is creeping up, or your energy is low….this post is for you.

What you need to know is there are 2 driving forces behind an aging metabolism:

✅ Insulin Resistance

✅ Chronic Inflammation

And also that we have 🙌 loads of ways to reverse these things 🙌

A new study found a direct link between blood levels of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids and key markers of metabolic health in middle-aged adults:

😥 Higher levels of omega-6 were linked with worse levels of insulin resistance, inflammation, and cholesterol—not a good thing.

😀 Higher levels of omega-3 were linked with healthier metabolic markers.

This is easy to influence by the foods we eat!

✖️ Main food sources of omega-6 fats are refined oils and processed foods

✔️ Main food sources of omega-3 fats are nuts, seeds, and seafood

I work with my patients to find foods and recipes that fit their lifestyle AND support their health. Grab the 🔗 here to get started!

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