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Surprising Things that Spike Cortisol 👉

Have you ever thought about what’s actually creating stress in your body?

Because it might not be what you think.

YES, there are the usual suspects:

❗ Running late for work

❗ Toddlers throwing tantrums in public

❗ Getting stuck in a traffic jam

❗ The list of to-do’s that never seems to get done

But here are some others:

❗ Undereating

❗ Over-exercising

❗ Staying up late

❗ Scrolling screens before bed

❗ Chugging coffee instead of food

Any of these things trigger the cascade of stress hormones. That means any of them (if repeated over time) can disrupt cortisol and contribute to chronic health issues.

I’m ready to flip the narrative on this.

Instead of normalizing habits and lifestyles that stress the body, don’t you think

Let me know in the comments—what did I miss in this list ☝️ of stressors? 

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