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Why cortisol is the problem.

Stress is no joke.

That’s because the stress hormone

🔥 Immune Function

Cortisol keeps inflammation in check, but too much can lower the body’s ability to fight off infections and illness.

🍪 Blood Sugar

Cortisol increases blood sugar (to help us respond to stress), but this can lead to insulin resistance and blood sugar issues over time.

👖 Belly Fat

Chronically elevated cortisol leads to weight gain—particularly around the middle.

💩 Bloating & Digestion

The gut is our second brain and responds to stress hormones too!

❣️ Emotional Health

Cortisol can contribute to anxiety, restlessness, apathy, and other mood changes.

So, what can we do?

This is one of the most significant root causes of health issues in so many of my clients. What we do is look at what is actually happening with cortisol and come up with a plan to bring it back to a healthy and natural rhythm.

Next week I’ll be sharing some surprising things that spike cortisol levels.

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