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How to Break the Anxious-Sleep Cycle

😴 It’s hard to sleep when your mind is filled with anxieties and worry.

😌 Then it’s hard to feel relaxed and calm when your body is running on a sleep deficit.

Breaking the anxious-sleep cycle is not an easy task, and every person is different. Not all of these ideas will apply to you, but let’s look at some strategies that can help:

☀️ Get sunlight first thing

I know it sounds crazy, but your sleep routine needs to start as soon as you get out of bed in the morning. Sunlight on your face soon after you wake up signals your body that it’s daytime and sets your hormonal circadian rhythm.

🏋️‍♀️ Exercise in the morning

Moving your body is essential to relieve stress, alleviate anxiety, and set your body up for a good night’s rest. If you tend to feel energized after exercising, schedule it into the morning instead of the evening hours.

🧘‍♂️ Schedule mental breaks

People with a tendency toward anxiety often power through the day without pausing to breathe or reset. That’s why it helps to schedule mental breaks to do some deep breathing or get some fresh air. This trains your body to relax throughout the day—rather than waiting until your head hits the pillow.

🌜 Create a wind-down routine

If you run around in action and productivity mode until bedtime, it’s no wonder the mental chatter won’t stop. A wind-down routine could include a bath, shower, meditation, journaling, or anything to help your body and mind shift from the busyness of the day to the calmness of the night.

💊 Support your biochemistry

Even the best habits and routines cannot overcome a lack of nutrition or an imbalance in your biochemistry. While some people benefit from medication, there are countless ways to soothe the nerves and support sound sleep with natural remedies. That might mean taking B vitamins in the morning, adaptogenic herbs during the day, melatonin at night, or some other combination of support. Talk to us if you are in need of personalized support!

If you are out there crushing it with your work, your family, your friends, and everything else that needs to get done—but running on empty because of the anxious-sleep cycle—just imagine how much better life could be if you were running on full.

If you need deeper support for your sleep or anxiety, please book a consult! We are here to help.

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