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Magnesium–the great relaxer.

Hate cramps, soreness, tension, and anxiety?

Then you’re going to love magnesium.

It’s an essential mineral that most people take for granted, but in my opinion it doesn’t get the spotlight it deserves.

Magnesium is a great relaxer. Among the things it relaxes are:

🔹 Muscles (think cramps & tension)

🔹 Blood Vessels (think blood pressure)

🔹 Mind (think anxiety & restlessness)

🔹 Bowels (think constipation)

I like to take magnesium in the evening or before bed to wind down, but it’s fine to take it any time of day.

It won’t make you tired—just maybe a little more calm.

What would you like to know most about magnesium? Drop me a comment below ⤵️

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