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One big reason for low energy most people miss

🧬 Top clues your mitochondria could you some love 🧬

But first: Mitochondria?

We learn they are the “powerhouses” of the cells in biology class, but when it comes to how good we feel every day, mitochondria actually play a huge role.

Here are some clues I look for in my clients that suggest they could benefit from better mitochondrial function:

▪️ Feeling tired, lethargic, or exhausted

▪️ Trouble mustering the energy to exercise

▪️ Muscle aches or poor exercise recovery

▪️ Brain fog or inability to concentrate

▪️ Insulin resistance or poor glucose control

See, the mitochondria are central to our metabolism at a cellular level. We need them working at peak performance for good energy, metabolism, and everything that falls into place after that.

Want to know more about how to support your mitochondria?

Follow along because I have a series of posts coming your way 👀

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