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5 Simple and Healthy Lunches

Back to school? Back to work? Time to brainstorm some simple and healthy lunches you can pack up and go!

I’ll go first…

🍌 Nut butter & fruit wrap

Mix and match your favorite nut butter with apples, strawberries, or bananas, some chopped nuts or granola, and a sprinkling of cinnamon.

🥕 Hummus & veggie wrap

Use wheat or gluten-free wraps with hummus and an array of chopped veggies. Add in some shredded cheese or chopped chicken for a protein boost.

🥣 Chicken salad & crackers

Chicken salad is pretty versatile and can be paired with crackers, pita bread, a wrap, or just eaten on its own.

🥚 Hard-boiled eggs & Quinoa salad

Both of these can be made ahead (even on the weekend) and stay fresh in the fridge for as many grab-n-go lunches as you need.

🥬 Ham & lettuce wraps

For those who are not a fan of sandwiches or unnecessary bread, wrap up some deli ham or turkey slices with cheese and your favorite spread in a lettuce wrap.

Pair any of these with some fresh fruits and veggies (maybe a square of chocolate?), and you’ll have the energy to power through the afternoon.

What other sack lunches do you love?

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