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Our Unique Approach

Dr. McCarthy's Roadmap To Health is our practice's unique approach to help motivated adults break free from anxiety, depression, and brain fog and regain their energy, gut health, and hormonal balance, so they can finally feel good & enjoy life to the fullest.

We partner with each patient to achieve these steps, starting with the REVIEW + RETRAIN Phase.

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  • During the initial assessment, we’ll review your past medical history and any previous lab tests, so we can see the connections between your symptoms and your life experiences and exposures, and begin to see what’s depleting your energy and reserves and impacting your mental health. We'll also get you started with lab testing, including an extensive blood panel with hormones, inflammatory markers, and more, as well as stool and urine tests to evalaute gut and mitochondrial health and nutrient status. 


  • Next, we'll start you on brain retraining fundamentals to build the foundations for a healthy nervous system and proper stress management, to get your brain working FOR you and not against you… so you can address unconscious patterns triggering fight/flight responses, and rewire your limbic system to calm an overactive immune system and neuroinflammation.

  • We'll determine the need for any additional lab tests that may be needed to help pinpoint the underlying reasons for your health issues – such as toxins, genetic issues or hormone metabolism testing.

  • The next three steps focus on replenishing nutrients, repairing gut function, and restoring cellular energy production, starting with optimizing your diet, digestion, and using targeted supplements to address nutrient depletion.

  • Next, we focus on repairing the gut lining to reestablish intestinal integrity so we can lower inflammation and undo the damage caused by things like leaky gut, overgrowth, and infections. Plus, we improve digestion of food and nutrient absorption as well replenish and rebalance the microbiome to support healthy immune function and neurotransmitter production important for balanced mood and overall health.

  • The last step in this phase is dedicated to restoring cellular energy – restoring blood sugar control and insulin sensitivity, supporting mitochondria and energy production and improving fat-burning capacity, and reducing neuroinflammation.

  • Once we make headway with these three areas, we’ll turn our attention to rebalancing your hormones, eliminating toxins, and restoring proper nervous system balance.

  • Specifically, we provide thyroid and adrenal support as needed to restore energy and improve stress management. We also optimize reproductive hormone levels and improve metabolism, which can keep you from losing weight and feeling energized.

  • In the last step, we’ll strengthen the parasympathetic tone of your nervous system, to help you shift from “flight or flight” to “rest and digest” mode, so we can heal the stress response and harness the brain to calm the immune system.

How Our Approach Is Different

At our practice, you’ll partner with a care team that includes a functional medicine physician, a nutritionist and health coach, and a brain retraining coach to ensure the fastest return back to health and whole-person approach to care.

Our comprehensive integrative medicine approach focuses on:

  • Using a variety of treatment modalities, including using food as medicine in tandem with state of the art testing.

  • Focusing holistically on all the areas that impact your health, including mind, emotions, and mindset.

  • Teaching you how to take an active role in health creation, so that you can heal and/or keep chronic illness at bay.

  • Focusing on optimal health, based on your unique biological needs, not just the absence of symptoms or disease.

  • Acknowledging the multi-factorial nature of complex causes of illness, which requires an experienced clinician who can pinpoint the reasons you have the illness and craft the correct treatment plan.

  • Using natural, non-toxic therapies as much as possible, harnessing the body’s amazing ability to heal itself.

How It Works

Over the course of a year, we provide ongoing personalized treatment. Most of our patients experience significant improvements to their wellness within the first couple months of starting to work with our team. It takes time to resolve body imbalances that were often years in the making, so we don't stop with symptom improvement but continue to address the root causes to optimize health and reduce risk of symptom return.


A short 15-minute Discovery Call to identify the key problems along with the best next steps.

30-minute Functional Medicine Health Assessment to review your history and create an initial testing and treatment plan.


Personalized care is delivered over a 12 month period, with an evolving treatment plan and extensive support

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I was at the end of my rope by the time I met 
Dr. McCarthy. I had already tried a lot of other things— extensive testing and medications with traditional doctors, acupuncture, chiropractic and salt therapies.

She gave me hope that she could help me. And she was right!

Now I have energy and am interested in life again. I am symptom-free.


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