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Are You Ready To Discover
The Top 10 Overlooked Causes of
Depression, Anxiety, and Brain Fog?


From a 20 year Functional Medicine Psychiatrist

Are you frustrated, not getting answers from conventional medicine? 

Do you feel like no one is really listening?

Have you been told your labs are “normal”, even though you know something is wrong?

You’ve come to the right place.


I created this guide specifically for people like you; people who are ready to make lasting change and finally get to the root causes of their symptoms.


“When I came to Dr. McCarthy, I thought to myself if this doesn’t work I’m not going to make it. I had tried everything from books, therapists, prescription drugs, supplements and even Electro Convulsive therapy to treat my anxiety, depression, fatigue, stomach issues and headaches. Dr. McCarthy and her team literally saved and helped me transform my life through functional medicine and I will be forever grateful!”

- VQ

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