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Are you frustrated by:

  • Seeing different doctors for different symptoms, with nobody seeing the connections?
  • Being told your labs are “normal” even though you know something is wrong?
  • No one taking the time to hear you?
  • Being told “it’s in your head”?
  • Being offered medications that don’t address the root causes and have side effects?
  • Being told diet doesn’t matter for your condition? 

We Have a Different Approach.

Like you, we were frustrated by the limitations of conventional medicine, and found a different way through Functional Medicine.

Each member of our team has overcome serious health challenges through identifying the underlying causes, and using nutrition, lifestyle, and targeted supplementation and treatments to heal, and we want the same results for you.

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Life’s too short to stay stuck with symptoms.


Depression, anxiety and brain fog can ruin your life.  

And many health symptoms often accompany these problems, like gut issues, fatigue, hormonal problems and autoimmunity, adding to your suffering.

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Are you holding back on getting better for any of these reasons?

1. Functional Medicine is expensive. It’s not covered by my insurance. 

Being sick is expensive. When you start to add up the doctor visits, medication co-pays, dealing with side effects, time lost from work, the cost of missed opportunities, the impact on your relationships, how do you even put a number on that?

Unfortunately, our medical system is largely a “sick care” system heavily focused on pharmaceuticals. Real value is not placed on health creation. 

Investing in your health now can save years of suffering, additional medications and diagnoses, and actually gets you feeling better and living your life again.

What do YOU want your health for?

2. I’ve tried diet changes and supplements before, and I didn’t get better.

Without the right guidance and testing, you can’t know which nutrition plan and targeted supplements are right for you. This makes ALL the difference.

3. I’m not good at sticking to a plan.

We get this, and what we’ve seen again and again is that when you know exactly WHY you are doing something because of your test results and you have the chance to learn and understand how your body works, it’s much easier to stay on track. And we provide support and mindset training that helps you take charge of your health.

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Wonder what could be causing your symptoms? 

Find out about The Top 10 Overlooked Causes of Depression, Anxiety, and Brain Fog (and most chronic symptoms).

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