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How sharp is your mind?

Interested in boosting your brain power for peak performance? The first thing to know is that your brain function is a byproduct of the health of your entire body.

Here are 3 health factors (that most people never even think about) that can influence your memory and mental clarity:

1️⃣ Menopause

According to neuroscientist Lisa Moscani, estrogen is key to energy production in the brain. Changing estrogen levels at menopause mean altered energy production in the brain—triggering everything from hot flashes to mood swings to memory lapses.

2️⃣ Gut Health

The gut has been called the second brain because it produces many of the same neurotransmitters as the brain (including dopamine, serotonin, and GABA). Your gut and brain are connected through a communication network that researchers call the gut-brain axis. Plus—in people who struggle with digestive gas and bloating? Brain fog is common.

3️⃣ Blood Sugar

Blood sugar swings are bad news for the brain. When blood sugar is low, the brain struggles to access enough energy to function. When blood sugar is high, there are shifts in neurotransmitter levels that affect memory and focus. Over time, high blood sugar damages the blood vessels and compromises circulation to the brain.

✨ these 3 health factors are important but not the whole story ✨

Other reasons brain performance can suffer include chronic infections, exposure to environmental toxins, autoimmune disease, or poor circulation. Functional medicine testing can uncover if any of these underlying issues are present.

Achieving peak brain performance will only be possible if you first optimize your overall body chemistry and health.

The best way to do that?

🔥 Work with a functional medicine practitioner who is trained in root-cause approaches and health optimization.

We qualify, and we can help!

Watch for our next post in this series on Peak Brain Performance. We’ll be covering nutrition and supplements to enhance your brain power.

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